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Frequently asked questions

Coffee Origin?

Our green beans are from Ethiopia, Brazilian and other region to create a blend that is enjoyable to sip without the bitterness, and roasted in small batches. Our coffee is responsibly sourced.

What is the Shelf Life?

The coffee is made in small batches. Each bag has an expiration date at the bottom of the bag. We recommend you keep your coffee in a dry area, and in a tight container. The best way is to take your coffee in an airtight container to maintain it's freshness and aroma. Once coffee is open, it is best to use within 1-4 weeks.

Keep your Questions Coming!

Keep your questions coming and will add to our FAQ. Thank you for being part of Filly Coffee Co. We are so happy that you are part of our coffee family.

Is Filly Coffee Co. planning on providing other roasts?

Our Premium Dark Roast Blend is our specialty coffee, however, Filly Coffee will be exploring other blended roast in the near future. Stay tuned.

What makes our Blend Different?

We have carefully selected premium beans to create a smooth, non-bitter taste. Our premium blend it's from various origin that has been roasted to perfection.

The effects of ground coffee when the bag is open?

Ground Coffee Tips: PeachyGifts Coffee now Filly Coffee Co. is packaged with nitro flush to keep it fresh. Since the coffee is tightly packaged give it a day and you will soon smell the aroma as it releases the nitrogen. The best way to keep your ground coffee fresh is to remove it from the bag and place in an airtight container to keep the freshness. Nitrogen removes 99% of the oxygen from the coffee bag to give it a long last. After being opened and coffee is exposed to oxygen, more of the aromas comes out and at the same time, it will go stale within about 3-5 weeks. Remember to store your coffee in a cool area and in an airtight container for long lasting freshness. -Filly Coffee Co.