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Regarding any upcoming events.


We received the green light to open in West Chester, PA. With that being said, we all need to continue to follow guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of others. As every business is trying to figure out what they can do to stay in business, let's support one-another.  


Most events were canceled when the virus and the shut down was announced in early March of 2020. With things now opening little by little,  some events are beginning to happen but with caution. I will continue to participate in local events and follow CDC guidelines, but everyone else needs to respect and follow them.


The following has been implemented for all events moving forward.  As always, disposable cups with lids, individually wrapped straws and stirrers, individually wrapped creamers and sugars, a screen protector in front of our booth for safety, hand sanitizers for all events will be at the table. We will disinfect tables and areas during events. We ask that you cooperate while approaching our booth by wearing masks during the events and keep 6 feet apart. Thank you kindly.

We are all in this together - Let's be Kind!

Post Date: 07.20.20

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