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Our specialty premium coffee has a rich aroma with a smooth and delicate palate. The green beans have been carefully selected from Ethiopia and other regions to create a blend that is enjoyable to sip without the bitterness, and roasted in small batches.


We think of coffee as an art form, from the beans to the roast.


You are now part of our family - for every purchase made through our online store and or special events, we will donate a percentage of the sales to a no-kill shelter in our local/non-local community to help and support animals in need.


In memory of my little guy 2006-2019.

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Coffee - Origin 


Our coffee blends are a mix of Ethiopian with other origins to create the desired blend.


"Ethiopia is universally recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and produces some of the most complex and exciting coffees in the world."

"Coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia in the 1500s. Nearly 500 years since growing methods have remained largely unchanged. The year 2009 brought a fundamental change to Ethiopia’s coffee industry with the start of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). ECX is a government-run, open outcry commodity exchange for coffee, which manages nearly all coffee transactions. Nearly all coffee exported from Ethiopia flows through this exchange. It is then graded and traded anonymously, identified only by its region, processing method, and cup quality (as judged by panels of certified Q Graders)."

"The cup character of Ethiopian coffee is nearly impossible to reproduce anywhere else in the world. Washed Ethiopian coffees sparkle with an array of citrus and tropical fruit flavors, and floral fragrances and aromas."

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Coffee Matters 


All of our coffee beans are responsibly sourced.


According to the International Chamber of Commerce, It is “a voluntary commitment by companies to take into account social and environmental considerations when managing their relationships with suppliers".

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